DAI Services


Membership of DAI is open to any interested individual. It is both a way of supporting the work of DAI and also a way to access member benefits. Members receive regular eNewsletters/updates, reduced rates for many events, and some of our services are reserved for members (e.g. access to workshops and tutor lists).

Assessment Service

An Assessment Service is run from our national office. We have a team of educational psychologists who provide a range of assessment services. We work with children, young people and adults, and offer assessments for dyslexia and assessments for dyscalculia.

Information Service

An Information Service is run from our national office – via post, phone, email, website, and social media messaging. Information is also provided by personnel at our network of nationwide workshops. Email our Info Team at info@dyslexia.ie and check out our Info Hub

Training Courses

DAI runs a wide range of seminars and courses for parents, teachers/tutors, community groups and workplaces. Bespoke training is also available on request. A major research conference is also held every 3-5 years.


DAI runs a network of workshops across Ireland for children and young people with dyslexia. These offer weekly outside of school classes focused on supporting their literacy and learning skills development, and also building their confidence and self esteem.

DAI also maintains a list of trained tutors who offer one-to-one tuition.

Lobbying and Campaigning

DAI has a long and proud history lobbying and campaigning for, and on behalf of, children, young people and adults with dyslexia in Ireland.  Much of the improved awareness and provision currently on offer has been due to the sustained campaigning done by DAI and our members. However, this is an ongoing process as there is more work to do to make Ireland a truly dyslexia friendly society.

Fundraising activities

As a charity with limited state support, DAI is very reliant on fundraising to enable us to continue to provide our services. Fundraising is done both nationally and by our local workshops nationwide.