Assessment Service

The Dyslexia Association of Ireland (DAI) has a team of educational psychologists who provide assessments for both dyslexia and dyscalculia at our national office in Dublin city centre. We work with children, young people and adults.

As a result of COVID-19, we are currently offering online assessments for dyslexia. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer dyscalculia assessments online but will resume these as soon as it is safe to return to in-person assessments.

DAI educational psychologists take a contextualised approach to assessment and take account of relevant background information from family, schools, colleges, employers or any other relevant sources.

The assessment takes approximately 2-3 hours for children/young people, and 1-2 hours for adults. Following the assessment, the educational psychologist gives a brief verbal report of findings. A written report with results and recommendations is then sent to you within four weeks. For more information see the DAI Dyslexia Assessment Policy.


Arranging An Assessment at the Dyslexia Association

This is very easy. Simply complete the relevant forms below and return them to us. We can’t add someone to the waiting list until we receive all the referral forms.

Children need to be at least six years old and have had at least 18 months of education (e.g. Christmas of Senior Infants) to be assessed.

Please note – given the possible impact of school closures on a child’s early literacy development over the last two academic years, we advise parents that in some cases it may be best to wait until January of 1st Class before considering an assessment. Given the current waiting list, you are still welcome to submit application forms during your child’s Senior Infant year, and you will be contacted by the team regarding the date of your assessment. We will review each referral on a case-by-case basis and be in touch with parents if further information is needed.

Referral Forms for Primary School

Referral Forms for Secondary School Young People

Referral Forms for Adults


Fees and Finance

The fee for a child/young person assessment is €550.00, which includes one year’s complimentary membership of the DAI. The fee for an adult assessment is €300.00, which also includes one year’s complimentary membership of the DAI. (Adult assessments are quicker and less complex, hence the reduced fee.)

A reduced fee rate may be available for people on social welfare or low incomes. Applications forms can be requested from The completed fee support form should be submitted with your other referral paperwork. Late applications for funding cannot be accepted.

Tax relief on the assessment fee of a dependent child may be claimed as a health expense. See the
Revenue website ( for further information.


Other Providers of Assessments

School-going children may be tested by the National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS). Please ask your school principal if this is possible. This is a free service.

There are also many private/independent educational psychologists throughout the country. A list of these can be accessed through the Psychological Society of Ireland. Choose your educational psychologist carefully to ensure that they have the appropriate qualifications and are trained in the area of dyslexia/dyscalculia. Charges vary between €500 and €800+.

There are also some specialist teachers trained in assessment. Dyslexia Specialists Ireland maintains a list of such teachers who have AMBDA/APC international qualifications which recognise the holder’s ability to undertake the assessment of dyslexia.

There is no free state provision for adults, even for people who are unemployed or who have a medical card. They will need to access a private educational psychologist. Students in further or higher education should contact their college’s Disability Support Service who may be able to organise an assessment.