DAI Workshops

We offer specialist, individual tuition in small groups to students (6-18) with dyslexia; including the emotional and confidence aspects of dyslexia. Workshops also provides support and advice for their families. Workshops runs for two hours, once-a- week, during the autumn and spring terms. The tutors are qualified teachers who have undertaken additional training in teaching methods best suited to students with dyslexia. There are currently 27 DAI Workshops nationwide.

One-to-One Tuition

DAI maintains a list of tutors nationwide who are willing to offer individual tuition. These are trained teachers who have also taken a course in teaching children and adults with dyslexia. A good tutor can help someone with dyslexia to develop their skills and their self-esteem. One-to-one sessions can be tailored to each individual’s needs and pace of work. Sessions can be focused on the specific areas where the individual is currently struggling.

Workshop Educational Programme

We have compiled a useful guide to facilitate and run a Workshop. It covers how to structure and timetable the session, the learning principles underpinning the work and individual educational plans (IEP). It also gives an indicative programme for three student groups who attend the Workshop: early primary, late primary and secondary. The Workshop Coordinators runs the local Workshops within the scope of this guidance.

DAI Workshop Administration

Are you a DAI Workshop Coordinator? We want to assist and support all Workshop Coordinators and other key personnel. We have provided a full and comprehensive guide for Workshop staff to follow. The  information in the guide is designed to advise on most aspects of Workshop Administration. You’ll also find other valuable resources and relevant links.