Dyslexia And Me

Children with dyslexia often experience anxiety, confusion, and embarrassment when they are diagnosed with dyslexia

These types of feelings often stem from a lack of understanding around what dyslexia is and what it means for the individual child. Our ‘Dyslexia and Me’ workshop aims to:

  • Explain dyslexia – what it means and how it affects individuals.
  • Boost self-esteem by concentrating on the positives of dyslexia and their own specific talents.
  • Resilience building.
  • Myth-busting as many myths exist around dyslexia. We aim to bust these myths in a fun, interactive way that will put their minds at ease.
  • Peer to peer learning – we will discover what our peers think of dyslexia and how they cope with their own dyslexia.
  • The workshop aims to be interactive, fun and accessible with the use of art and crafts, assistive tech and lots of participatory games.

The workshop is run by at least two of our staff team, who share a wealth of personal and professional experience of dyslexia with the young people who attend Dyslexia and Me seminars. One of our Educational Psychologists guides the young people through the realities of dyslexia and some useful coping mechanisms.

We currently offer the course to three different age groups:

  • 3rd and 4th class (Primary level)
  • 5th and 6th class (Primary level)
  • Junior Cycle (1st to 3rd year at Second level)


Cartoon of girl holding a sign which reads "Dyslexia and Me". Image is reflected in a mirror.