The Dyslexia Association maintains a list of tutors who are willing to offer individual tuition. These are trained teachers who have also taken a course in teaching children and adults with dyslexia. It must be stressed that the Association’s lists are based solely on the educational qualifications of the teachers and are not a warranty in respect of any other matter whatever. The arrangement between student and teacher is a personal one and the Dyslexia Association does not accept liability in relation to this arrangement. In particular, the Association is concerned that parents should be aware that the safety, well-being and happiness of their child should be their first consideration in any arrangements they may enter into with a teacher.

The time, duration, frequency and location of tutorial sessions is agreed between client and teacher. Tutorials are paid for by the client directly to the tutor. The recommended fee for individual tuition is currently €35 (euros) per hour, though charges may vary. Tuition is usually given for one hour per week after school hours. Classes should be paid for in advance and missed classes are charged for unless sufficient notice is given.

If any DAI member would like a list of tutors in your area, please contact our Information Office at including the following information:
– What county you are in,
– If you are seeking tuition for an adult, or a primary or second-level student,
– Your DAI membership number.

Please also read our Guidelines on Individual Tuition and our DAI Tutor List Policy.

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