Workshop Guide

DAI Workshops have been paused due to Covid-19 restrictions. This is in keeping with the DAI Covid-19 Response Plan which states that a Workshop can only operate when the county is at Level 1 or 2. However, we are actively planning and hope to reopen workshops in October.

Look at our Workshops Map for information on the Workshop closest to you. Here you will find contact details as well as information on where and when your local Workshop is held.

If you wish to apply for a place in a workshop, an application form must be completed – this applies to both returning and new students.

What is a DAI Workshop?

The DAI Workshops offer specialist, individual tuition in small groups to students with dyslexia (including the emotional and confidence aspects of dyslexia). Every Workshop has classes for primary students (8+) and some offer classes for secondary level students. A Workshop runs for two hours, once-a- week, during the autumn and spring terms. The tutors are qualified teachers who have undertaken additional training in teaching methods best suited to teaching students with dyslexia. There are currently 27 Workshops nationwide.

In addition, the Workshop also provide support and advice for parents/guardians of the students attending. You can get greater insight into how a Workshop operates by looking at the video on our Rush/Lusk/Skerries Workshop we have included below. In addition, by going to the Workshop Educational Programme Guidelines you will get a fuller idea of what is being covered.

What is the fee?

The term length varies across the Workshops from 10-14 weeks. It costs approximately €30 per two-hour evening session, this means the fee for an average 12-week term works out at €360. The DAI is a not-for-profit organisation. The fee is set to cover the basic cost of running the Workshop.

Do note that if you are experiencing financial strain or have had a sudden change of circumstances that has seriously impacted your finances you can apply for fee support. The cost of covering fee support is fundraised locally and does not come out of the fees paid by parents.