Courses For Adult Teachers

Dyslexia Awareness & Support at FET and HE

This course aims to upskill FET and HE educators, to enable them to create an inclusive learning environment accessible to all. This environment increases participation, retention, self-esteem and confidence and ensures students have success.

The courses focuses on:

  1. developing an understanding of what dyslexia is
  2. exploring the identification of Dyslexia
  3. principles of best practice for an inclusive learning environment
  4. principles of best practice in developing support for individual students
  5. considering the impact of dyslexia on mental health and well-being
  6. exploring how Assistive Technology can support various learning styles.

This course will be of particular benefit to teaching and learning professionals, disability support staff, senior leadership and anyone working on improving accessibility and inclusion initiatives.

Assessment of Learning Needs Course for Further/Adult Ed Tutors

This Assessment of Learning Needs Course was designed as a response to the barriers experienced by learners who require identification of dyslexia in order to access support and reasonable accommodations. Our objective is to upskill FET sector staff to enable them to provide free assessment at the point of need, removing financial and geographical barriers to assessment while ensuring that students can access the same standard of service regardless of which ETB they attend.

By the end of the course participants will have an in-depth working knowledge of dyslexia, challenges that the dyslexic learner may encounter and how best to support these. They will be skilled in creating a dyslexia-friendly environment, which hurts none and benefits all. Participants will also gain an understanding and knowledge of practical supports that can be introduced to increase participation, self-esteem and learning.

Having been introduced to test theory, basic statistical reporting, test administration, scoring and test analysis and interpretation, participants will be skilled in identifying and discussing dyslexia with their learners. They will be able to summarise and write up assessments and profiles of need, along with recommendations for supports.

This two-day course is suitable for FET sector staff who have a minimum Level 8 qualification in Education or in Guidance Counselling, and experience of working directly with adult learners.

Delivery Options

Both of these courses can be delivered onsite (or online) for ETBs if you have a group of tutors who need this training (minimum 10-12 attendees). This course is also delivered occasionally in a central Dublin location (see for details on upcoming courses).

Please contact our Senior Adult Dyslexia Coordinator Caoimhe O’Malley ( if you would like to discuss arranging this training in your adult education centre or ETB. Shorter, bespoke courses can also be arranged.

Training being delivered to a group of FET staff