Courses for Adults

Embracing Your Dyslexia

Our new Adult Dyslexia Workshop is called Embracing your Dyslexia. The workshop focuses on understanding dyslexia and how it impacts you, accepting that you are dyslexic and embracing and celebrating your dyslexic profile.This workshop aims to:

  • Offer a deeper understanding of dyslexia
  • Boost self-esteem and build resilience
  • Explore disclosure

Please note you must have an identification of dyslexia to attend this workshop.

Our schedule of dates and locations for Embracing Your Dyslexia in 2023 is below. Click on the date/venue for more info and to book a place.


Adult Seminars/Webinars

DAI runs regular seminars/webinars for adults with dyslexia. These are led by our Senior Adult Dyslexia Co-ordinator Caoimhe O’Malley. These seminars are all themed on an area of relevance for adults with dyslexia. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep updated on upcoming seminars/webinars. You can also contact Caoimhe at

Also, if your college or workplace would like to arrange a seminar for adults with dyslexia, please contact Caoimhe.

We also have several recorded talks and videos on our YouTube channel for adults with dyslexia.

One-to-one tuition (private)

For details on one-to-one tutors for adults, see the One-To-One Tuition page.