Dyslexia Awareness Month 2022

Dyslexia Awareness Month 2022

The Dyslexia Association of Ireland will be celebrating Dyslexia Awareness Month this October, along with dyslexia organisations worldwide. Our focus this year will be on empowering people to #TrustYourInstincts.


All too often we hear from parents frustrated that their concerns were dismissed and not acted upon sooner. Individuals with dyslexia also share with us their frustrations at not having their needs identified or support provided earlier, leading to lifelong impacts on their mental health. So if you suspect that your child, a child in your class, or indeed yourself, may have dyslexia trust your instincts. Talk to the school, talk to other parents, talk to someone with dyslexia. Please reach out to the Dyslexia Association of Ireland for information and advice on assessment and supports.


Dyslexia is a learning difference which affects at least 1 in 10 people. Its effects are most noticeable in making learning to read, write and spell (in any language) more challenging. With early identification and supports, individuals with dyslexia can be empowered to achieve their potential. Equitable access to dyslexia identification and supports however remains an ongoing issue, with many waiting years to access a dyslexia assessment or appropriate supports and accommodations. This can have a significant and negative impact on self-esteem and mental health. It is also important to know that dyslexia often co-occurs with other learning difficulties on the neurodiversity spectrum, including dyscalculia, dyspraxia, ADHD and ASD.


This Dyslexia Awareness Month we will be shining a light on the barriers that exist, sharing voices of dyslexia, and providing information and advice on how to help. On our social channels we will be sharing stories and personal insights on the dyslexia journey. We will also be making an Oireachtas Presentation on October 5 to highlight the challenging journey that many individuals face when dealing with dyslexia.


While we continue to highlight the barriers and advocate for change, we also try to have a positive outlook. People with dyslexia have great personal strengths, and also develop other skills as they navigate life with dyslexia, such as interpersonal skills, problem solving, innovation and creativity, so let’s celebrate our dyslexic community.


Over the month, we will be running a number of webinars and courses, and sharing videos on our social channels. Please follow us and join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn this Dyslexia Awareness Month.


Please download our Dyslexia Awareness Month 2022 Support Pack which includes some posters and ideas for events.


  • October is European Dyslexia Awareness Month


  • Dyslexia Awareness Week is October 3 – 9, 2022


  • International Dyslexia Day is October 8