Additional Teaching Support

In September 2017 there were changes made to the way that additional teaching support for students with special educational needs (including dyslexia) was allocated. The roles of Learning Support Teacher and Resource Teacher were combined into the role of Special Education Teacher.

Schools were allocated an overall formula-derived amount of funds from the Department based on the educational profile of the school; as opposed to the number or nature of students with diagnosed conditions or disabilities. Schools then have the authority to allocate those funds (most commonly in the form of Special Education Teachers’ teaching time) to the students in the school who need additional teaching support (including those with dyslexia) and those displaying features of dyslexia such as those with reading and writing difficulties.


The changes are outlined in Circular 0013/2017 (for Primary Schools):

The changes are outlined in Circular 0014/2017 (for Post-Primary Schools):

The Department has also published accompanying guidelines, which set out best practice as to how schools should allocate these resources to best meet the learning needs of all pupils with special educational needs. These guidelines for  both primary and post-primary level are available at the following address:


Information for Parents

The Department of Education and Skills has also produced a guide for parents explaining the changes and how the new scheme operates: