Seachtain na Gaeilge 2022 – Learning Irish with Dyslexia

Seachtain na Gaeilge 2022 – Learning Irish with Dyslexia

This Seachtain na Gaeilge #SnaG22 we want to share some information on learning Irish.


While learning languages can be a challenge for learners with dyslexia, the impact is variable. What we know from the research is that to give learners the best opportunity to learn a language we must use the science of reading and teach them the skills needed to decode (read) and encode (spell). This means using a phonics-based structured approach and also teaching language and spelling rules.


English is one of the most complicated and irregular languages with a large number of rules and exceptions to be learned (a complex orthography), in comparison to a transparent orthography such as Italian which is much more regular. Irish is also considered a complex orthography but it is more regular than English with fewer exceptions to be learned. While there has been a growth in the availability of Irish phonics resources in recent years, their usage is not at optimum levels. Examples of these structured phonics literacy resources in Irish are:


Please encourage your school to use such approaches to give all students the best opportunity to learn Irish.


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